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Kirsty gets the majority of her work through word of mouth and personal referrals from her existing clients. The feedback Kirsty receives is extremely important to her as she is committed to providing everyone with a professional, friendly and confidential service.

Below you can read recent feedback from some of Kirsty's clients.

“Ridiculously efficient when I think about Kirsty. I have had the pleasure of working with Kirsty over the past 5 months and she has smashed every target I have set her. She has a superb mindset and she practices what she teaches. It is very rare to come across a talent like Kirsty and so far Kirsty has exceeded all of my expectations. I cannot wait to see Kirsty’s progress in the next year. Anyone who decides to work with Kirsty will be blown away by her professionalism, energy, happiness and her fantastic mindset. 100% recommend Kirsty to any of my clients (which is very rare).”

“After just one session with Kirsty I had a totally new view on all things not just work related. The session I must admit was not something I would usually see myself doing and was a little reluctant to even book but I got over my preconceived ideas of what it would entail and booked the session. Kirsty was great, positive and very settling from the outset. The session was taken at a leisurely pace but still packed full of great content and mindful hints and tips to ensure I was always being more mindful of everything and everyone around me. I would thoroughly recommend Kirsty she is great and everyone needs a mind-reset every now and then and that’s exactly what Kirsty did for me.”

“I sat in on a session that Kirsty ran for some of my students today and I was very impressed. From the start she was engaging and friendly, putting everyone at ease. She personalised examples to whatever she was able to learn about the students and adapted her session to give them more specifically useful techniques to use in the future. Kirsty fielded some tricky questions very well and clearly knows what she is talking about but is also able to pass that on to others with an understated competence. I was very impressed and came away having learned a whole load for myself. The student’s feedback on the session was that Kirsty: Was really friendly and open-minded, ran great practical exercises, had a really personal approach, told good stories, had a great balance between the serious and humorous, remembered a lot of stuff about them.”

“I attended one of Kirsty’s Mindfulness Workshops and it was amazing. Kirsty’s knowledge and understanding of the subject along with her ability to engage with the group made it a great experience. I would highly recommend Kirsty.”
Sheena Doyle

“I am so grateful to have met Kirsty and been able to recommend her wonderful mindfulness teaching to someone very dear to me that was in a dreadful dark place. With Kirsty’s guidance and support, this person is now able to deal with the stresses and anxieties that life can place in our path. Kirsty is not just there for you in the sessions but when you need her calm nature to help any time of day. With Kirsty’s help we can all try and lead a more relaxed and mindful life.”
Bodil McCaskill

“Kirsty has developed her professional skills in educating mindfulness to others through her own, powerful experience. I chose to become a 1-2-1 client because I was confident after her first public workshop that she could give me both the knowledge and the skills to practice mindfulness for myself in the future. And I couldn’t have been more correct. My experience as a client has brought me laughter, compassion, learning and peace – a fabulous combination, which has benefited me greatly! I am now better equipped with a range of tools to continue exploring mindfulness in my everyday life and to enjoy the benefits it brings. I wholeheartedly recommend Kirsty’s 1-2-1 and workshop sessions to those who appreciate that greater self-awareness and calm are both keys to a better working and personal life.”
Kathryn MacNeill

“Had a great time highly recommended. Learned a lot about myself. This is a course that everyone should attend as it really does help you clear your mind and improve your self-development.”
Will Donnelly

“I had the pleasure of delivering a keynote talk alongside Kirsty at an event here in Scotland. It was both a pleasure to meet Kirsty and to witness her presentation which was delivered flawlessly. Kirsty is heart and soul in what she does and I have no doubt that she will dominate her niche in the years to come.”
Maxwell Muir

“Kirsty has a unique calming nature which she brings to her workshops. This allows her to engage the group and take them all on a deep learning experience using her mindfulness techniques. I would recommend Kirsty’s workshops for anyone looking to develop their mindfulness practice.”
Kay Dewar

“Many people go through life with no real purpose, whether that is on a personal level or in business or career. Kirsty can work with you to help you gain purpose, achieve goals and become more productive. She will develop a strategy to help you get where you want to be, and you will leave her sessions feeling inspired, motivated and with a renewed sense of purpose. I have been to a number of her sessions, and the visualisation exercises really opened my mind up to the possibilities in my life. I highly recommend Kirsty to anyone who wishes to improve their mind-set and wellbeing.”
Charlie Robertson

"Kirsty has been an absolute saviour and has helped me successfully cope with bags of stress and deal with a lot of issues through guided meditation. No words can sum up how happy I am to have met and worked with Kirsty. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone and everyone!"

"I am one extremely anxious and distracted person. However Kirsty of The Awakened Mind brought peace and tranquility back into my life again; teaching me how to be mindful of all the beautiful things in life which I no longer seemed to appreciate."

"Kirsty is a truly kind and compassionate person who genuinely wants to help others. I find our sessions to be extremely relaxing and invigorating and I really look forward to them each week."

"Kirsty at The Awakened Mind helped me make such positive improvements in my life! Anyone who suffers from depression should give mindfulness based cognitive therapy a go as it will definitely change your life for the better."

"Mindfulness based stress reduction has been a godsend. I am now far better equipped to handle stress and difficult situations. I also now take notice and enjoy the little things that happen in my everyday life."

"Without Kirsty's help I doubt I would ever have faced up to how hard I was on myself and my family. MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) has really helped me focus and find the time and head space to make rational decisions. I feel so much better in myself and am loving life and living it to the fullest!"

"We have seen many improvements in our son's overall wellbeing and behaviour since he stared his mindfulness sessions with Kirsty. He now has several coping strategies which help him effectively deal with various situations which arise in school, such as coping with conflict and peer pressure etc. As expectations on children are so great these days we believe that providing him with the tools so he can better control situations that upset him at an early age is important and hope he will continue to use them as he grows and develops."
Karen & Paul

"I have suffered from depression and anxiety for much of my adult life and have tried many forms of therapy over the years which did not help me. However, a friend then mentioned I should contact Kirsty and I am now so glad I did as I can honestly say she has transformed my life. For the first time in a long time I feel calm and in control and see the world in a totally different way."

"I contacted Kirsty when my low self-esteem was having a major impact on my life on various levels. For instance I had practically no social life whatsoever as I felt as though I had nothing worthwhile to share with anyone else and I had cut myself off from my family. Kirsty taught me simple mindfulness techniques to practice which had a positive and profound effect on my life and I can now see light at the end of the tunnel."

"When I got angry I nearly punched another boy. I then stopped and did my mindfulness exercises which Kirsty taught me. I calmed down and everything was better."
Ryan, Aged 9

"Thank you Kirsty - mindfulness has changed my life. Keep doing what you are doing because there are so many people out there who could benefit from your help."

"Kirsty is fabulous, I cannot thank enough for helping me through such a difficult period in my life. She made me feel at one with myself and I now have much greater peace of mind."


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